Lighthouse Psychiatry

Lighthouse Psychiatry | Advanced TMS Therapy and Research  was born from a genuine desire to help individuals overcome their challenges using innovative therapies and evidence-based, scientific treatments. Co-founded by  Chung Trinh and Dr. Yukari Kawamoto, Lighthouse Psychiatry is about changing lives and preparing individuals for the future.  They combined their respective experience and passion in TMS, psychiatry, and mental health to establish a vision of how to best impact peoples' lives in a positive way and achieve improved mental health well-being. ​​
The fruition of that vision is Lighthouse Psychiatry, which delivers an advanced TMS treatment program which promotes an integrative methodology of mental health care.  We strive to foster greater opportunity for patients to achieve remission or symptom improvement, as well as  a chance to improve overall functionality and well being.
Our relaxing and therapeutic environment allows us to provide each patient with the highest level of quality and customizability of care. Our core values come from WE C3ARE, which stands for Wellness, Empathy, Compassion, Committment, Appreciation, Respect, and Encouragement. We strongly believe in a healthy work life balance for our patients, staff, and the community we serve.