*If you are in need of additional support, please feel free to contact one of the resources listed below.   

General Mental Health Resources

Autism Resources

NAMI:  National Association
of Mental Health
APA:  American Psychiatric
East Valley Autism Network (EVAN)
Arizona Autism Coalition
NIMH:  National Institute of
Mental Health
Autism Society of
Greater Phoenix
MHA:  Mental Health
of America
Autism Speaks

Military Resources

Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety  Resources

DBSA:  Depression and
Bipolar Support Alliance
American Foundation for
Suicide Prevention
Heal the Hero Foundation
The Soldiers Project
Military Assistance
ADAA:  Anxiety and Depression
Association of America
National Suicide
Prevention Hotline
US Department of Veteran Affairs
IFRED:  International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
National Veternas Foundation
Veterans Choice Program
Operations Engage America

Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)  Resources

Phoenix VA Healthcare System
Veterans Crisis Line

Veterans Directory
Real Warriors
Mayo Clinic
National Domestic
Violence Hotline
Veterans Families United Foundation
NCDAV:  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Suicide Prevention Hotline
PTSD:  National Center for PTSD

Crisis Line

If you are experiencing a life threatning emergency, please dial 911.
Central Arizona Crisis Line (602) 222-9444, (800) 631-1314,  TTY (800) 327-9254
​National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-TALK (8255)
Veterans Crisis Line, (800) 273-8255, Press 1,