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TMS treatment has saved my life


3000 Pulses - Vanessa

“I feel like I can think again…A cloud is lifted.”


3000 Pulses - Tara

“I’m a stronger person now. I’m not afraid to be myself.”


TMS Experience

“TMS totally works. It completely changed my life. Before I would have suicidal thoughts regularly, but now I can’t even believe I ever had those thoughts.”


“I have been taking antidepressants and many different ones for over 16 years. Needless to say, I was skeptical about TMS and if it would work. I am very happy I made the decision to proceed...TMS therapy went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend [TMS] to everyone I know that is struggling with major depression. I am walking proof that the therapy works!"


TMS Experience - Dr. Pardell