Statement on COVID-19

UPDATED: 03/25/2021

To meet the escalating need of mental health services in our community, we are proud to continue to stay open and operational. Our office hours remains the same.

In general, we are available to provide BOTH in-office (in-person) and telehealth (virtual/remote) services. 


Irrespective of recently announced state ordinance to lift face mask covering mandates, Lighthouse Psychiatry, as a privately-own and independently-operated facility will continue to impose face mask covering for our patients, providers, and staff. This policy is in place to ensure safety, prevention, and protection against COVID-19 and mitigate any potential super-spread incidence.


As a member and participant of the medical community, we aspire to follow the highest scientific standards and recommendations for COVID-19 prevention and protection. Hence, our facility policy on face mask covering will closely mirror the strict guidelines of the CDC.

Even if you have received the COVID vaccine, you will still be required to abide to our face mack covering policy. As a community, only a small sample of the population has been vaccinated to date. Hence, to protect those who continue to be vulnerable, our policy will remain in effect until otherwise determined.

If you are not comfortable abiding by our face mask requirement, we encourage you to:

  1. Request your in-office appointment be changed to telehealth (if such option is available for your provider)

  2. Reschedule to a later date/time, at which point you are comfortable abiding to our policy for in-office appointments


To protect our patients, staff and providers, we continue to ask you do not come into the office if you have:

  1. Fever of 100.4 ‘C or higher

  2. Developed symptoms or illness indicative of COVID infection

  3. Been exposed to a COVID-positive person in the past 14 days

  4. Been traveling to high risk areas (per CDC)

Our focus is to meet our patients’ need while also keeping everyone safe as possible.


We appreciate you understanding and abiding to our company policy.


-The Lighthouse Team