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- ADHD presentation stressing early diagnosis.

- Discusses ADHD outcomes, risk scores, and psychoeducation.

- Examines ADHD, bullying, and mental health impacts.

- Highlights ADHD individuals' strengths and dreams.

 Friday July 7th from 3pm-4pm

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Group Therapy

Adults | Adolescents/Teens

The curriculum is a 6-week program, with sessions twice a week. 

The 5 modalities taught over the 6-week program, includes:

1) Mindfulness (Reducing distractions from self and life)

2) Emotional Regulation 

3) Distress Tolerance

4) Interpersonal Effectiveness (Communication skills & Boundaries)

5) Dialectics (Challenging existing Cognitive Distortions)


Ideal candidates who can benefit from our DBT Group are individuals who may struggle with but are not limited to the following: Social anxiety, pervasive low self-esteem or negative thoughts about self or others, anxiety or racing thoughts about that in which you cannot control, and those looking to improve personal understanding and growth."


To sign up for Group Therapy, call us at (480) 565-6440 or Email at so we can add you to the group list. 

It will be from July-Sept. $25 dollars per session or $50 in total for the week. 

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