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Mental Health and Wellness Conference


Save the date!

DATE/TIME: Fall 2021

LOCATION: To Be Determined

FREE EVENT! Refreshments available. Limited space. Come listen to speakers, connect with vendors, and identify resources.

#MHWC2021 Partners
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Become a proud sponsor/partner of this community event. Contact us to find out how at TMS@LHPSYCH.COM

Come learn and discover resources for prevention, intervention, and innovation in mental health care.

The upcoming Mental Health and Wellness Conference #MHWC2021 conference will focus on different mental health challenges, what resources are available, what treatments are helpful, and how to create positive mental health.



  1. Treating depression with TMS

  2. Understanding couples and marriage conflicts

  3. Suicide prevention for teens and adults

  4. Curtailing adverse childhood trauma with E.M.D.R.

  5. Impact of brain injury on mental health

  6. Mitigating challenges faced by LGBTQ

  7. Working with first responders during acute incident 

  8. Understanding eating disorder

  9. Correlation between physical illness and mental illness

  10. Spiritual and faith-based support for mental health

  11. Living with mental illness: trials and tribulations

  12. De-coding involuntary admission for acute crisis

If you are passionate about mental health, then this conference is the right forum and platform to participate and showcase your investment into better mental health care. Come join us and others to learn and discover resources for prevention, intervention, and innovation in treatment! Make a difference in mental health.

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