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Is Telehealth Counseling Confidential? | Lighthouse Psychiatry

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

 telehealth counseling

Is Telehealth Counseling Confidential?

With the recent changes made to health and wellness and our regular daily lives in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, more telehealth counseling services like those offered by Lighthouse Psychiatry are available than ever before. However, many first-time users have concerns regarding whether, like any regular doctor visit, their health and personal information will remain confidential.

Here we uncover all of the details regarding the confidentiality and security concerns of telehealth counseling!

How Secure is Telehealth Counseling?

Many are concerned about the security measures in place when it comes to telehealth counseling, and don’t want their personal information leaked or shared. That’s why it’s important to work with a counselor that provides telehealth services specifically on a HIPAA-compliant platform. Such platforms are the most secure due to the wide variety of security measures they have in place to prevent information leaks, such as encrypted video connection and other methods.

There are also other steps you can take to ensure your telehealth counseling session is secure and private, like using headphones to eliminate the possibility of personal information being overheard by others, having all your teletherapy sessions in a secure and private room in your home or office, and using a password-protected Wi-Fi connection and VPN.

What are the Benefits of Telehealth Counseling?

In addition to its convenience, there are many additional benefits to telehealth counseling including:

· Individual Counseling: Many of today’s leading telehealth counseling specialists, Lighthouse Psychiatry included, offer specialized individual counseling catered to your specific needs. You’ll be able to receive the same care, compassion, and accountability you’d receive during a normal in-person session.

· Group Counseling: With the advanced telehealth options out there, you can participate in group counseling sessions where you can meet like-minded people and receive support from a community all from the comfort of your own home.

· Flexibility: Telehealth counseling is designed to be flexible and easily fit into your daily schedule.

· Easy Access: To those who live in more rural areas that lack proper healthcare facilities, or have ones that are far away, as well as in cities where battling traffic can take hours, telehealth counseling provides easy access to professional therapy services.

Is Telehealth Counseling for Me?

Determining whether teletherapy is the right choice for you depends on your specific mental health needs and living situation, among other things. However, the best way to know for sure is by considering your options and whether you’d be best suited to receive your mental health services from home.

Also, consider your communication preferences and style, as well as your schedule. Ultimately, the choice is yours but if you want to try it out and see if it’s for you, Lighthouse Psychiatry is always available.

Contact us today for more about telehealth counseling!

For more information about our teletherapy, advanced psychiatry services, and counseling, contact us online today or call (480) 565-6440 to schedule a session.

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