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Tips for Relaxing & Enjoying Your First TMS Treatment

TMS is a new form of treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions and other health issues that doesn’t always need the use of medications or when the medications no longer work. By using a powerful magnetic fields to stimulate and activate a specific part of your brain, TMS treatment improves your depression, anxiety, or PTSD by selectively impact the part of your brain manages mood, attention, concentration, and cognition. At Arizona’s premier mental health facility Lighthouse Psychiatry, our mental health professionals have helped treat everything from anxiety to depression to autism with this innovative treatment method.

However, since it’s a relatively newer form of treatment, we wanted to outline how it works here and some tips to make your first visit as relaxing as possible.

What to Expect from Your First TMS Treatment?

· A Painless Process: TMS Treatment doesn’t hurt and is completely painless, so it doesn’t require any types of drugs or anesthesia. You’ll be able to be comfortable the whole time resting in a recliner for the duration of the treatment.

· Customizing Your Treatment Plan: Your first appointment for TMS treatment will consist of personalizing treatment strength and location for your needs. This process is called finding your “motor threshold (MT)”. The provider and technician will perform measurements to ensure that each time you come back for treatment, each stimulation will be delivered accurately and effectively.

· Beginning Treatment: Treatment begins after the technician gently places the coils to your head. You will feel a gentle tapping sensation during each intermittent stimulation. Your daily stimulation cycle last between 20-30 minutes on average. That is it.

· Post-Treatment: Since TMS treatment doesn’t require any extensive post-treatment care, just as anesthesia, you can drive yourself home afterward without issue. Typically, the first treatment may last about 60 minutes and then subsequent treatment sessions are 30 minutes appointments only. In general, the treatment regimen is disruptive to your daily activities, work and home life responsibilities.

· Return Treatment: Every ailment is different, so the number of times you require treatment before seeing noticeable results may vary. In general, treatment sessions are 20-30 minutes a day during the weekday for about 6-9 weeks in duration. People tend to respond to treatment during week 4 or 5. Some will respond sooner. Some will respond later at the tail end of treatment. Everyone is different. Either way, this is still faster than the 8-10 weeks needed for many medications to even begin to take effect.

Contact Lighthouse Psychiatry for TMS treatment today! The treatment can be life changing.

If you want to try an alternative to medication for depression treatment, then TMS treatment may be right for you. Contact us online today to schedule a consultation or call (480) 565-6440.

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