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Tips on How to Cope with Work Stress

Everyone gets stressed at work from time to time. However, it’s the way we cope with work stress that can truly make a difference. There are steps you can take to relax and reduce anxiety, ensuring your stress doesn’t spiral out of control. That’s why the professional counseling team from Gilbert’s Lighthouse Psychiatry has collected some tips for you here!

Addressing Challenges Head-On

Work can be challenging, but there are healthy ways to address such challenges. Problem-solving is an effective coping mechanism for some when presented with an issue. Identifying the specific issue you’re having, weighing out potential alternatives and solutions, and creating an action plan for resolving the issue can be a positive way to deal with work challenges.

Performing Relaxation Techniques

There are a wide variety of relaxation techniques that can reduce work-related stress, one of the best is taking time to reduce muscle strain throughout the day. Anxiety can cause muscle retractions, so every few hours take some time to relax by closing your eyes and sitting down. Tense your muscles for 10 seconds, then release them for 20 seconds. Doing so will minimize stress, and anxiety, and is even helpful for depression.

Guided Meditation

Mindful meditation can be another great coping mechanism for work-related stress, although it requires a little more practice than the techniques mentioned above. Mindful meditation is the ability to concentrate on a situation in a compassionate and forgiving way. There are a host of mindfulness-based therapies out there, in addition to guided meditation classes with certified instructors.

Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Challenges

Work stress can easily cause negative thoughts, but they aren’t always a bad thing. When dealing with negative thoughts, try reconsidering them as simply hypotheses rather than a fact and investigate why you feel the way you do. You might easily find a solution rather than spiral into negativity.

Contact Lighthouse Psychiatry today for workplace stress-related counseling!

If you want to reduce your stress throughout the workday, Lighthouse Psychiatry can help. Our advanced psychiatry and counseling and coaching techniques can give you the necessary tools to cope with stress and reach your goals.

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