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Adult & Teens Counseling

CLINIC: Virtual

Fluent in English.

Nancy Tinger has been a mental health counselor for over 31 years. She practices in accordance to excellent ethics, multicultural awareness, professionalism and unbiased provision of mental health services. Her diverse upbringing in New York City, and professional experiences have contributed to her broad understanding and respect for all cultures, races, and ethnicities.


Nancy has proved to be successful with helping patients strive for realistic goals, explore alternatives and gain a more comprehensive understanding of themselves, relationships and stressful life situations. She values and promotes an integrative health approach by collaborating with other healthcare providers when needed. She works with each patient on developing a trusting counseling relationship and implementing the most affective therapeutic strategies. 


Since graduating from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania with a Master of Arts in Counseling in 1990, she has counseled numerous patients and their families from many parts of the East Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and beyond. Most recently, she arrived at Lighthouse from District Medical Group at Desert Horizon Integrated Health in Mesa.


Nancy is certified in clinical trauma, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She is experienced and trained in advanced dialectical techniques.  She provides counseling for patients 12 years old and older.


In her spare time, she enjoys bicycling, cooking, hiking, nature walks, photography, reading, and spending time with loved ones.  Her favorite walking partner is her miniature poodle, Abigail.

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