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adult adhd counseling


Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment

QbTest in use 02.jpg

ADHD is a complex condition that can often times get misdiagnosed and/or is a co-morbid condition coupled with other pervasive psychiatric conditions.​ Hence, it is important to diagnose ADHD correctly and accurately.

Using the most innovative and objective tool available, we adopted the QB Tech ADHD Testing module to diagnose ADHD, as well as, decipher the specific area of issues needed to address. The QB Test has a 84% sensitivity and 87% specificity, which is more accurate than most ADHD screening tools.

This a more accurate diagnosis, our clinicians are able to better manage the symptoms, as well as, provide a more effective treatment strategy.


QB Testing for ADHD is an FDA-cleared product. That said, not all insurances covered the cost of the diagnostic procedure.

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