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Summer Fun: Bonding with Your Kids!

Hello Lighthouse Families! We are approaching that time of year again when the school year is coming to an end and the temperatures are going up. It can be easy to anticipate the summer with some anxiety and dread, trying to come up with ideas to combat the heat, deal with cabin fever, and find family cost-friendly activities. Summertime does provide a great opportunity to have bonding experiences and make lasting memories. This can strengthen family relationships and develop your child’s greater sense of self. We wanted to help you out with some fun family ideas to help combat the summer blues! Here are my Top 15 Summertime Activities to help you make it through the summer instead of feeling like you’re lost in a desert of screen time, empty wallets, and complaints of boredom. 1. Scavenger hunt 2. Water balloon fight or other backyard water play activities 3. Plan a picnic 4. Visit a local museum 5. Cooking class at the Halle Heart Children’s Museum (it’s free!) 6. Visit the farmer’s market 7. Go to an outdoor community concert 8. Visit the lake 9. Take a drive to somewhere new 10. Make homemade ice cream 11. Arts and Crafts (use Pinterest to find new ideas with instructions) 12. Have a game night 13. Establish a special routine like Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday 14. Join a summer reading challenge through the public library 15. Take a guided night hike at one of the local parks For more ideas, visit these websites:

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