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Trauma Therapist, EMDR Trained, CMI Trained

Adult & Kids, Trauma Counseling

CLINIC: Gilbert, Virtual

Fluent in English & French.

Andrew is of Polynesian-descent and bi-lingual, fluent in English and French. He is a Licensed Master Social Worker who graduated from ASU. He has had a lot of experiences in multiple health care settings, including Banner Health. His therapeutic approach uses family systems as a grounding structure and that an individual has the capacity and ability to overcome any life challenges. To heal, the individual must first be able to identify and acknowledge what he/she is struggling with, accept their strength and vulnerability, and then discover the courage to find a healthy solution to move forward. One of his favorite saying is “don't be too concern with what was and what will be…. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That is why it is called the present”, from Kung Fu Panda. Given his past training in martial arts, Andrew uses the same mindfulness to help his client discover their own personal strength and journey towards a healthy mindset. He loves helping individuals and families find empowerment and build mental skills to gain control of their life and challenges. Andrew's motto on healing is repeated practice helps individuals become the better version of themselves through thoughtfulness and intentional mindfulness.

Andrew is EMDR trained and CMI trained.

On his spare time, Andrew enjoy spending quality time with his family in the outdoors going hiking, fishing, and anything involving nature. In addition, he enjoys dancing, singing, and exercise.

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