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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Adult/Child Psychiatry, TMS/MeRT, Spravato/Ketamine

CLINIC: Gilbert, Virtual

Fluent in English.

Casey (he/him/his) completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Grand Canyon University and his Doctor of Nursing degree at The University of Arizona. Starting his career in New York City, Casey has over 16 years of nursing experience, including extensive involvement in emergency medicine, trauma medicine, critical care, and psychiatry. Working as a trauma nurse in the emergency department for over 10 years, Casey discovered his passion for the mental well-being of the critically injured patients he cared for. 


Casey believes in mental health care that is tailored to each and every individual he sees using humor where appropriate and genuine compassion and empathy at all times. He utilizes a relaxed, conversational approach when meeting with clients and families, with the goal of easing the potential discomfort of discussing mental health concerns. Casey is impassioned to working with vulnerable communities, with specialized training and experience in delivering affirming care to the LGBTQ+ community. He believes that mental health care should be a safe space for all populations.  


Casey resides in Gilbert with his wife, 2 small children, and 2 cats. Outside of work he enjoys movies, cooking (grilling), and sushi!

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