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The Rise of Telehealth Care for Counseling & Psychiatry

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services for medicine, psychiatry, counseling, trauma care, and life coaching have gained huge traction over the years and these days, doctors and therapists are able to diagnose patients, treatment, manage symptoms, and offer a variety of other services, all from the convenience and comfort of your home. This includes telehealth counseling, which can offer a great solution for patients suffering from social anxiety or severe depression, or need Telehealth psychiatry services for medication management to address more debilitating anxiety and depression or severe chronic conditions.

However, since telehealth counseling and psychiatry are still relatively new, Lighthouse Psychiatry has collected some of its foremost benefits for you here!

1. It’s Location-less

One of the primary benefits of telemedicine is that it’s location-less, meaning patients don’t have to go to a hospital, office, or clinic to receive treatment. Likewise, medical practitioners can offer their services from anywhere in Arizona. This makes it much easier and less stressful for both patients and doctors, who can connect from anywhere in the state as long as there is access to high speed internet or Wi-Fi.

2. The Session Removes Barriers

Another reason why patients prefer telehealth counseling services to face-to-face sessions is that some individuals experience too high of a social anxiety and can be easily triggered by an in-person office environment. Although Lighthouse Psychiatry offers a very calm, friendly, and supportive environment, not all individuals is ready for that experience yet. Hence, for those individuals, telehealth care is ideal. Ultimately, this allows for the individual to adopt any copings skills and treatment solutions quicker.

3. Flexible Telehealth Care Greatly Complements Supportive In-Person Care

For patients that are in need of more support, telehealth is a convenient and easy solution. Once the patient is improving and able to apply the lessons from counseling and psychiatry, then they can taking advantage of an even more effective in-person care. This is when the patient can take advantage of TMS treatment and other advance psychiatric services. Hence, the in-person care will complement the telehealth care.

Contact Lighthouse Psychiatry for telehealth counseling & psychiatry!

If you’re in need of a psychiatrist that provides a wide range of services, Lighthouse Psychiatry is ideal. In addition to our TMS treatment services and counseling solutions, we also offer advanced psychiatric services such as medication management, photobiomodulation treatment, and much more.

Contact us online today to schedule a consultation or call (480) 565-6440.

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